Get involved.

Rescue your fitness

Get involved.

How do i get involved ? 

There are many ways you can get involved. 

  • Find a shelter closest to you
  • Ring up or research online about their volunteer program. Most shelters require an induction session to help educate you on their do's and dont's of being a volunteer
  • Every shelter is different so please respect their code of conduct to help the staff at these at these facilities.


  • Every month we hold a "Pack Run" where we work with local foster care groups or shelters to get a number of dogs together for a group walk.
  • We create a lot of attention and awareness via social media to help find their forever home.
  • These events are catered to all fitness levels and ages so everyone can get involved
  •  Follow us on facebook to see all event dates coming up.


This is the easiest and most critical way to get involved. 

We produce a lot of content for these animals to help find them their forever homes.

With the power of social media we can have a massive individual impact. 

If you follow us on facebook / Instagram please help us help them and share our posts.